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Sean Delgado (Director): Born in New York City, Sean attended one of the foremost private art colleges in the country, The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. His thesis film, The Same As Today, a political satire, won awards on the festival circuit and is still seen at festivals today. Sean has a great respect for stage actors working with them in New York City through the Ensemble Studio Theatre and in Los Angeles through First Stage’s One-Act Marathons. He has co-produced with Oscar Winner Martin Landau and has directed Michael Imperioli in his first film. Sean recently finished Little Saigon, a feature comedy/thriller featuring Long Nguyen and is currently developing a thriller/horror titled `Beauty’ with cast commitments from Sandra Bernhard and Judd Nelson.

Putting his excellent film education to work, he has held every position on a film crew from Production Assistant to Producer.

With his early lust for filmmaking, Sean hit the documentary film world working for Tapper Productions and the `That’s the Spirit’ TV show in Manhattan.

Recently Sean co-produced and edited a 35mm SAG feature film titled An Existential Affair, Executive Produced by Martin Landau and starring Alex Anthony Quinn. Maverick Entertainment released An Existential Affair on DVD and Warner Bros. has the film for Cable pay per view and VOD.

Sean co-produced and co-directed a poignant documentary feature film The Mercury Chronicles, tackling the difficult and sensitive issue of Mercury and heavy metal poisoning. The film includes interviews and action footage shot all over the world, including a worldwide UN sponsored event in Geneva.  Interviews from Pandoras Mouth have been used by the US Congress and local governments as testimony and evidence during hearing on the dangers of Mercury and heavy metal poisoning.

Sean has produced 3 HD feature movies including Babylon Vista, Oasis and Directed Oceanbuzz, which won best HD feature at NY City’s BigHD festival.

Other credits include directing and scripting a 35mm feature film titled Alexa, which had a worldwide release and sold 24 territories foreign.

As photographer and editor of a short film Diversions, which toured the world festivals, including the prestigious Berlinale, and Deeds Not Words a documentary for the Animal Planet, he has toured the world, exercising his cinematic talents.


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  1. I’m looking for a director for a sci fi feature called, “The Other Side of the Sun.” It’s an adventure in an alien world. Please get in touch if you would consider it and would like more info.



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